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Our Team.

GES is a small consultancy with diverse and talented staff. The breadth of experience of GES staff allows for the development of comprehensive and effective solutions to a wide range of geotechnical and environmental problems.

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Dr John Paul Cumming B.Agr.Sc (Hons) PhD CPSS GAICD


John Paul is the Director of GES. John Paul holds a first class honours degree in Agricultural Science and a PhD in environmental soil chemistry. John Paul has current status as a Stage 2 Certified Professional Soil Scientist from the Australian Society of Soil Science Inc and is an honorary research associate in the faculty of science engineering and technology at the University of Tasmania.

John Paul is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of company directors, and a director of Geo-Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd. In his role at GES John Paul has completed numerous land capability and geotechnical assessments for residential, commercial and Government clients. In addition, over the past twelve years John Paul has supervised over 5000 site and soil classifications for residential developments according to AS2870-2011 and AS/NZS1547-2000.

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Kris Taylor B.Sc (Hons)

Senior Engineering Geologist

Kris is the Senior Engineering & Environmental Geologist for GES and joined the team in 2008. Kris gained specialist experience in contaminated site assessments, hydrogeology, geotechnical and geomorphological assessments during 15 years of work in Western Australia, Tasmania and Ireland. Kris’s primary responsibilities at GES are in contaminated sites, landslip and geotechnical assessments and coastal inundation modelling.

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Joshua Scandrett B.Agr.Sc (Hons)

Joshua joined GES in August 2011 in a graduate position as an Environmental Soil Scientist. His primary responsibilities at GES have been in contaminated site assessments, groundwater monitoring, soil testing for residential construction and waste-water system design. He has previously worked in international agricultural development and has facilitated research in smallholder farming systems in Vietnam.

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Grant McDonald AdvCert (Horticulture)

Grant is the soil and wastewater technician for GES and joined the team in 2007. Grant’s primary responsibility is the supervision of the operation of the GES fleet of drilling rigs and conducting specialist drilling programs for soil sampling. Grant has successfully completed drilling on many thousands of sites for soil sampling, soil vapour monitoring, and groundwater monitoring. Grant is the front line of our team for soil classification for residential construction and waste water system design.

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e. rdoyle@geosolutions.net.au

Robyn Doyle B.Agr.Sc

Robyn is an Environmental Scientist and joined GES in 2008. She has previous experience in Forestry, geo-archeological studies in Northern Greece, and Tasmanian landscape geomorphology. Her current responsibilities are in land capability assessments, contaminated site assessment reporting, and soil testing for residential construction and waste-water system design.

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Stephanie McIntosh

Stephanie is the office manager and assistant to John Paul. Her responsibilities are in client relations, accounting and office administration. She has considerable experience in administration in various private industries, and a comprehensive understanding of the processes required by councils to approve your building foundation and wastewater designs.

Suresh Panta B.Agr.Sc M.Sc

Suresh is the laboratory technician for GES, and undertakes all soil physical property assessments. These include linear shrinkage, atterburg limits, and particle size analysis. Suresh is a candidate for a PhD in halophytes for high saline agriculture from the University of Tasmania. He has previously studied his undergraduate and masters degrees from the Institute for Agriculture and Animal Science in Nepal.